About us

Pulse was set up with a promise to constantly represent Armenian heritage and values in combination with modern trends.
The idea behind the brand is both physical and spiritual well-being. Armenia is known to be the first country to accept Christianity as state religion in 301 A.D․
This concept is carried by the name of the brand which symbolizes the heartbeat given to people by God (Genesis 2:7)․
The same concept is visualized by the logo where a cross, a heartbeat and the letter A are represented. “A” stands for the biblical mountain Ararat as well as the name of the ambassador.

OUR GOAL is to produce an exquisite product and accessories thus encouraging the local market and raising awareness about premium quality production made in Armenia.

At the moment, Pulse is available in Americas and overseas.
No matter where you are, we care for our Pulse community. We are proud of our commitment to prioritize the needs of our customers.

We thank you for each and every purchase supporting our brand.
Happy Shopping!

We follow forward design celebrating life.